READERS and even some colleagues have asked me why we have given such extensive coverage to the on-going problems in Magalluf over recent weeks. Why don´t you concentrate on the nicer parts of the island and forget Magalluf which has had problems for many years, some readers have asked me. The reason is simple;three months ago I received a letter from a British couple who had been holidaying in Magalluf for 30 years. They said they would never return again because of the security problems caused by the muggers masquerading as prostitutes. I was shocked and saddened. This is my home and the thought of elderly tourists not being able to go out at night because they were afraid spurred me into action. We joined the growing calls for a clean-up in Magalluf. The latest incidents have just added to the calls for a crackdown and bring Magalluf under control. Some have said that the media coverage may have damaged Majorca´s reputation. They might be right but the problems in Magalluf are evident for all to see and for the benefit of this beautiful island we can´t just turn our back on them. We all want an island which just has nice parts and no "dodgy" areas.


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