Market stalls in Plaça Mayor, Palma. | Ajuntament de Palma


With Christmas just a few weeks away, Palma is gearing up for the annual celebrations that draw thousands of people to the city every year to see the lights and shop at the traditional Christmas markets.

The Christmas Market in Plaça Mayor in Palma opens on Friday November 19 with 14 stalls heaving with traditional Christmas ornaments, artisanal products, clothes and some great ideas for presents for friends and family.

The rest of the city’s markets will be up and running in a couple of weeks and there will be a total of 132 stalls, which is 38 more than 2020.

Last year there were a lot fewer stalls at the Christmas Markets because of the Covid restrictions and the need for social distancing, but most of those measures have been lifted now and traders are no doubt be hoping for a bumper season.

They could be in luck because the Christmas Markets in Plaça d’Espanya, Plaça de la Porta Pintada, La Rambla-Via Roma and Plaça del Mercat will open on November 26.

That’s also ‘Black Friday’ so there’s likely to be a lot of bargain hunters in town, especially since the Christmas lights will be switched on by the Mayor Jose Hila a couple of days before that, on Wednesday November 24.

There will be 10 stalls in Plaça del Mercat, 49 in Plaça d’Espanya; 8 in Plaça de la Porta Pintada; 36 in La Rambla and 15 in Vía Roma.

All of the markets will be open until Three King’s Day on January 6, except the one in Plaça Mayor which will close one day earlier on January 5.

Christmas Market traders will also be exempt from paying market fees this year, according to Palma City Council.

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