As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, most of us are swapping seaside bars for city rooftops with a view. Instead of reviewing just one, this week I am bringing you my Top 5 (in no particular order).

Tree House: Offering a nostalgic escape akin to childhood treehouses, Tree House is located just a short climb from the marina in Palma. Once up, you're greeted with panoramic views of the Cathedral and the marina's luxe yachts. And children's juice boxes are replaced with cocktails. My favourite drink to try here is Pura Vida, an exotic blend of Passion fruit, Aperol, tequila, Passoa, and a hint of mezcal essence.

Hotel Almudaina - Sky Bar: Nestled away from the seafront but within close reach of shopping areas on Paseo del Borne and Jaume III, the Sky Bar at Hotel Almudaina offers an alternative view of the port and Cathedral. It's a sophisticated stop for midday or evening relaxation. The top drink recommendation is a glass of ice-cold cava, perfect for sipping while overlooking the harbour.

Hotel Nakar - CUIT Bar and Restaurant: Located further up the high-end shopping street Jaume III, Nakar Hotel offers more than just luxury shopping experiences. The CUIT Bar and Restaurant provide awe-inspiring views of the city, from the historic centre to the bay of Palma. When there, an Aperol Spritz is the drink to indulge in while taking in the scenery.

Es Princep - ALMAQ: This rooftop gem is open from dawn till dusk and transforms from a calm daytime sanctuary to a bustling nightspot. A favourite among locals and visitors alike, ALMAQ offers a dynamic ambiance and breath-taking sea views. For a drink, go for a gin & tonic as the sun sets and the music gets livelier and livelier.

Rooftop El Llorenç: A vibrant, colourful space known for its Restaurant Urbà by Santi Taura, the rooftop at El Llorenç is a journey “to the stars.” The setting is chill and the views are expansive, stretching across the city of Palma on one side and an open sea on the other. For a unique tasting experience, try Aguardiente ca na mora figa de moro, a delicious Mallorcan prickly pear spirit!