The Balearic President Marga Prohens at the World Travel Market this morning. | Jason Moore


The holiday season in Mallorca for the British tourist market went so well that it even surprised the UK travel industry.

Last summer the islands welcomed more British tourists than ever with the UK becoming the principal holiday market for the Balearics.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive of the Association of British Travel Agents told the Bulletin this morning that not even higher living costs had stopped the British going on holiday to the Balearics.
He held talks this morning with Balearic President Marga Prohens.

He forecast another excellent season for the islands next year, which could even be better than the one in 2023.
As far as the Balearics is concerned a rosy picture for the islands is being painted by the UK Tourist industry.

The local authorities will be holding talks with the UK travel industry over the coming days.
The Balearic government wants more tourists to come to the islands during the winter season and the UK travel industry likes the idea.

The British love affair with the Balearics shows no sign of going away with the local authorities keen to underline the message that British tourists are more than welcome.

In fact, one senior official said that she would like to revive the campaign from two decades ago, “A tourist, A friend”.