A genuine local flavour that is one of the main attractions and delights of a visit to Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mallorcan gastronomy offers all the advantages of the Mediterranean diet, which is said to be one of the most complete and healthy diets. Mallorcan cuisine is just the reflection of the different cultures that shaped our present-day identity. And it is precisely this variety which gives the island’s diet its richness and the well-deserved prestige it enjoys today.

The fact of being an island combined with the good weather throughout the year provides us with an exquisite variety of products that is almost entirely exclusive to Mallorca. Mallorcan cuisine offers a very complete range of top quality meat from local producers, fresh-caught fish and a delicious wide range of season vegetables and fruit that add a delicious flavour to dishes. All in all, the result is a genuine local flavour that is one of the main attractions and delights of a visit to Mallorca.

It is a diet rich in olive oil and lard in winter dishes. However, the calory content of lard is compensated by the abundance of vegetables and fruit in the dishes containing animal fat. Fish is equally important in Mallorcan gastronomy. There is a large variety of fish dishes, from fish rice soup and stew to roasted fish.

All these delicious recipes are cooked in restaurants all over the island. The most typical and pleasant restaurants, mainly because of their long history, are called “cellers”. You can find them all over the island, even though they are more abundant in the towns of Sineu, Inca and Petra.

Gastronomy often goes hand in hand with tradition, be it connected with a certain date or period of the year.


Sausages such as “sobrassada”, “botifarró” or “camaiot” and brown bread are an excellent gastronomic experience. These sausages are not only a pleasure for the palate that all visitors should try, but they are also, together with "ensaïmada", the most requested gift for visitors to take back home or to give to their loved ones.


Mallorcan desserts are also renowned in the gastronomic culture. The most popular desserts are "ensaïmada", a very fine pastry made with sugar, eggs and lard (“saïm” in Catalan, from which the name “ensaïmada” is derived); "robiols”, “crespells” or “bunyols”, among others. There are many other local specialities, like the “coques de patata de Valldemossa”, “sospirs de Manacor” or the famous “galletes d'Inca”.

Mallorca is also a land of wine. When these delicious dishes are washed down with a good wine with designation of origin, those sitting at the table think they are almost in heaven.

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Main local products you can find on the island

· Ensaïmada of Mallorca
· Almonds of Mallorca
· Sobrassada of Mallorca
· Palo of Mallorca
· Herbes of Mallorca
· Oil of Mallorca
· Olives of Mallorca
· Denominación de Origen
· Red pepper of Mallorca
· Wines DO Binissalem
· Wines DO Pla i Llevant
· Wines Tierra Mallorca
· Wines de la Tierra Serra de Tramuntana-Costa Nord
· Wines de la Tierra Illes Balears

In the above map you can find local markets, direct sales, cellers, Michelin Restaurants, Repsol Guide, Saltworks, Food from convents, Oil Mills and Vineyards and wine cellers which are all listed below.

fruta verano mercado santa catalina Nicht die gesamte Marktvielfalt stammt

Local Markets

1 Mercat de l’Olivar in Palma - www.mercatolivar.com
2 Mercat de Santa Catalina in Palma - www.mercatdesantacatalina.com
3 Mercat de Pere Garau in Palma - www.mercatperegarau.es
4 Mercat d’Inca in Inca - www.mercatdinca.com
5 Sa Plaça de ses Verdures in Manacor - www.manacor.org

Direct Sales

1 S’Hort de can Jaume. Sa Bisbal in Algaida - @hort.de.can.jaume
2 Silvia Pons Vanrell in Algaida
3 Finca Bellveure in Binissalem - www.fincabellveure.com
4 Sa Caragolera in Binissalem - www.sacaragolera.com
5 Mel Es Raiguer in Campanet - www.facebook.com/MelEsRaiguer
6 Treballs agrícoles i Ramaders in Campanet
7 Agroturisme Son Barceló Mas in Campos
8 Bodega Es Gallicant in Campos - www.bodegaesgallicant.com
9 S’Hort de Can Gal·lerí in Campos
10 Toni Gori in Campos
11 Binifela - Georg Brautigam in Capdepera - www.binifela.com
12 Dairy Mercè in Costitx - F: @Dairy MercèWW
13 Es Collet in Estellencs
14 Son Menut in Felanitx - www.sonmenut.com
15 Son Pou in Felanitx
16 Casa de la Milagrosa in Inca - www.esconvent.org
17 Son Jover in Inca - @formatgeriasonjover
18 Es Garrover de Mallorca in Llucmajor - www.esgarroverdemallorca.com
19 Mª Antònia Fiol López in Llucmajor
20 Agrícola Aubocassa in Manacor - www.aubocassa.com
21 Pere Mas Roig in Maria de la Salut
22 Caragolers de Muro in Muro
23 Sa Casa Pagesa in Sant Jordi
24 Sa Casa Pagesa in Son Sardina
25 Es Xiringuito de Na Bel in Petra - www.esxiringuitodepetra.com
26 Oli Novembre in Petra - www.olinovembre.es
27 Ses Cabanasses in Petra - @Ses Cabanasses
28 Son Frare in Petra - www.sonfrare.cat
29 Mesquida Mora in Porreres - www.mesquidamora.com
30 Bodegues Son Puig in Puigpunyent - www.sonpuig.com
31 Olis Ca’n Gori in Sa Pobla - www.oliscangori.com
32 Fet a Son Garrova in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar
33 Vivers Esteva in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar - www.viverosesteva.com
34 Miquel Coll Crespí in Santa Eugènia - www.oliric.com
35 Olíric in Santa Eugènia - www.oliric.com
36 Cellers Galmés Ribot in Santa Margalida - www.galmesiribot.com
37 Rancho Grande in Santa Margalida - www.ranchograndemallorca.com
38 Hort d’en Mou in Sencelles
39 S’hortet De Na Maria in Sencelles - www.shortetdenamaria.es
40 Formatges Burguera in Ses Salines - www.formatgesburguera.com
41 Can Roseta in Son Servera
42 Es Caparó in Vilafranca de Bonany

inca ruta de cellers celler can ripoll restaurante inca ruta de cel

Traditional cooking at Cellers

1 Celler Can Marron in Inca
2 Celler Can Ripoll in Inca - www.restaurantcanripoll.com
3 Celler Sa Travessa in Inca
4 Celler Can Amer in Lloseta - www.celler-canamer.es
5 Celler Cas Padrí Toni in Maria de la Salut - www.caspadritoni.es
6 Celler Pagès in Palma - www.facebook.com/Celler Pages
7 Celler Sa Premsa in Palma - www.cellersapremsa.com
8 Celler de Petra in Petra - www.restaurantesceller.com
9 Celler de Randa in Randa - www.cellerderanda.es
10 Celler Sa Sínia in Santa Maria del Camí - www.cellersasini.net
11 Celler Sa Font in Santa Maria del Camí - www.restaurantecellersafont.com
12 Celler Can Font in Sineu - www.canfont.com
13 Celler Es Grop in Sineu
14 Celler Son Toreó in Sineu
15 Celler Cas Carreter in Soller - www.cascarreter.net


Michelin Restaurants

1 DINS Santi Taura inPalma - www.dinssantitaura.com
2 Es Fum in Calvia (Costa d’en Blanes) - www.restaurant-esfum.com
3 Es Racó des Teix in Deya - www.esracodesteix.es
4 Maca de Castro in Alcudia (Puerto Alcudia) - www.macadecastro.com
5 Andreu Genestra in Capdepera - www.andreugenestra.com
6 Marc Fosh in Palma - www.marcfosh.com
7 Adrián Quetglas in Palma - www.adrianquetglas.es
8 Voro in Canyamel - vorobyparkhyattmallorca.com
9 Béns d’Avall in Soller - www.bensdavall.com

Repsol Guide. Soles de Mallorca

1 Maca de Castro in Alcudia - www.macadecastro.com
2 Andreu Genestra Restaurant in Capdepera - www.andreugenestra.com
3 Béns d’Avall in Soller - www.bensdavall.com
4 El Olivo in Deya - www.belmond.com
5 Dins Santi Taura in Palma - www.dinssantitaura.com
6 La Fortaleza in Llucmajor - www.caprocat.com
7 Zaranda in Es Capdellà - www.zaranda.es
8 Aromata in Palma - www.aromatarestaurant.com
9 Baibén in Portals Nous - www.baibenrestaurants.com
11 Bodega Barahona in Ses Salines - www.bodegabarahona.com
12 Ca na Toneta in Caimari - www.canatoneta.com
13 Can Toni Moreno in Port des Canonge - www.facebook.com/Restaurante Can Toni Moreno
14 Es Racó des Teix in Deya - www.esracodesteix.es
15 Marc Fosh in Palma - www.marcfosh.com
16 Sa Drassana in Palma - www.sadrassana.com
17 Daica in Llubi - www.daica.es
18 Voro in Capdepera - www.vororestaurant.com

Agricultura incluye la Flor de Sal des Trenc en el catálogo de alimentos tradicionales.


1 Salines des Trenc in Campos - www.salinasdestrenc.com
2 Flor de Sal des Trenc in Campos - www.flordesaldestrenc.com

dulces de navidad monjas convento santa clara

Food from Convents

1 Monasterio de Santa Clara in Palma - www.clarisaspalmamallorca.wordpress.com
2 Convento de Santa Magdalena in Palma - www.canonesaspalma.org


Oil Mills (DO Oli de Mallorca)

1 Es Verger in Esporles - www.esverger.es
2 Cooperativa Sant Bartomeu in Soller - www.cooperativasoller.com
3 S’Oliera Son Catiu in Inca - www.soncatiu.com
4 Aubocassa in Manacor - www.aubocassa.com
5 Oli Solivellas in Alcudia - www.olisolivellas.com
6 Treurer in Algaida - www.treurer.com
7 Agroturisme Roqueta in Maria de la Salut - www.agroroqueta.com
8 Son Mesquidassa in Felanitx - www.sonmesquidassa.com
9 Son Moragues in Valldemossa - www.sonmoragues.com
10 Can Det in Soller - www.candet.es

Vineyard and Wine cellers

Denomination of Origin in Binissalem

1 Antonio Nadal Ros in Binissalem - www.antonionadalros.com. *
2 Bodega Biniagual in Binissalem - www.bodegabiniagual.com
3 Vins Nadal in Binissalem - www.vinsnadal.com. *
4 José Luis Ferrer in Binissalem - www.vinosferrer.com. *
5 Can Ramis in Binissalem - www.binissalemdo.com/bodegues/celler-can-ramis
6 Vins Can Verdura Viticultors in Binissalem - @facebook.com/vinscanverdura
7 Vinya Taujana in Santa Eugènia - www.vinyataujana.es
8 Jaume de Puntiró in Santa Maria del Camí - www.vinsjaumedepuntiro.com. *
9 Bodega Ramanyà in Santa Maria del Camí - www.bodegaramanya.com
10 Sebastià Pastor in Santa Maria del Camí - www.sebastiapastor.com
11 Vins i vinyes Ca sa Padrina in Sencelles - www.vinscasapadrina.com. *

Denomination of Origin in Pla i Llevant

12 Can Majoral in Algaida - www.canmajoral.com. *
13 Celler Es Gallicant de Campos in Campos - www.bodegaesgallicant.es
14 Cas Beato in Capdepera
15 Armero i Adrover viticultors in Felanitx - www.armeroiadrover.com. *
16 Vi d’Auba in Felanitx - www.vidauba.com
17 Es Fangar in Felanitx (Son Prohens) - www.es-fangar.com
18 Bodegas Bordoy in Llucmajor - www.bodegasbordoy.es
19 Bodegas Vi Rei in Llucmajor - www.bodegasvirei.com
20 Vins Miquel Gelabert in Manacor - www.vinsmiquelgelabert.com
21 Pere Seda in Manacor - www.pereseda.com
22 Vins Toni Gelabert in Manacor - www.vinstonigelabert.com
23 Butxet viticultors in Muro
24 Can Coleto in Petra - www.vinscancoleto.com
25 Miquel Oliver in Petra - www.miqueloliver.com


Mallorca Regional Wine

26 Castell Miquel in Alaro - www.castellmiquel.es
27 Son Simó Vell in Alcudia - www.sonsimovell.com
28 Oliver Moragues in Algaida - www.olivermoragues.com
29 Conde de Suyrot in Arta - www.condedesuyrot.com
30 Resident wein in Biniali - www.resident-wein.com
31 Bodega Ribas in Consell - www.bodegaribas.com
32 Vinyes Mortitx in Escorca - www.vinyesmortitx.com
33 Es Verger in Esporles - www.esverger.es
34 Bodega Son Mayol in Establiments - www.bodegasonmayol.es
35 4 Kilos in Felanitx - www.4kilos.com
36 Son Bordils in Inca - www.sonbordils.es
37 Son Ramon in Llubi - www.sonramon.com
38 Maruccia in Llucmajor - www.maruccia.com
39 Bodega Galmés i Ferrer in Petra - www.bodegasgalmesiferrer.com
40 Can Vidalet in Pollensa - www.canvidalet.com
41 Bodegas Xaloc in Pollensa - www.bodegasxaloc.com
42 Can Axartell in Pollensa - www.canaxartell.com
43 Can Xanet in Pollensa - www.canxanet.com
44 Can Sureda in Pollensa - www.cansureda.es
45 Can Feliu in Porreres - www.canfeliu.es
46 Mesquida Mora in Porreres - www.mesquidamora.com
47 Son Puig in Puigpunyent - www.sonpuig.com
48 Vins Galmés i Ribot in Santa Margalida - www.galmesiribot.com
49 7103 Petit Celler in Santa Maria del Camí - www.vtmallorca.com
50 Bodegas Angel in Santa Maria del Camí - www.bodegasangel.com
51 Macià Batle in Santa Maria del Camí - www.maciabatle.com
52 Selva Vins Mallorca in Selva - www.vtmallorca.com
53 Ava Vins in Sencelles - www.ava-vins.com
54 Binigrau in Sencelles - www.binigrau.es
55 Cap Andritxol in Sencelles - www.capandritxol.com
56 Son Campaner in Sencelles - www.soncampaner.es
57 Son Prim in Sencelles - www.sonprim.com
58 Gallinas y Focas in Son Ferriol - www.gallinas&focas.com

Costa Nord Regional Wine
59 Bodega Can Pico in Banyalbufar - www.bodegacanpico.com. *
60 Cooperativa Sa Malvasia de Banyalbufar in Banyalbufar
61 Tomeu Isern in Estellencs - www.tomeuisern.es
62 Son Vich de Superna in Puigpunyent - www.sonvichdesuperna.es. *

Balearic Islands Regional Wine
63 Ànima Negra in Felanitx - www.annegra.com
64 Son Sureda Ric in Manacor - www.sonsuredaric.com. *
65 Son Vell Vinyes i Vi in Manacor

* Wineries that also make Mallorca Regional Wine

What's On Food Events



- Eel Fair in Sa Pobla


- Almond flower fair in Son Servera

March - National Cooking Competition Protur chef in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar (Sa Coma) - www.proturchef.com


March - April - Easter week typical food across Mallorca

- Mallorcadegusta in Palma

- Orange Fair in Soller - www.ajsoller.net


- Cuttlefish fair in Alcudia
- Salt and spices in Ses Salines (Colonia de Sant Jordi)
- Wine Fair in Pollensa - www.viprimitiu.org/fira
- Street Food Festival in Puerto Alcudia.
- Llonguet fair (bread roll) in Es Pil·larí (Palma) - www.palma.cat
- Gastronomic Display on Fridays in Calvia - www.feriasyfiestasdemallorca.com

BINISSALEM - Los Wine Days de la DO Binissalem se celebrarán del 13 al 23 de mayo.


- Wine and cheese fair in Estellencs
- Snail fair in Sant Jordi
- Wine Days DO Binissalem - Mallorca in Binissalem, Consell, Santa Maria, Sencelles and Santa Eugènia www.winedaysmallorca.com
- Wine Night in Palma - www.winesofmallorca.org
- Farmer’s Market on Sundays in Puerto Portals (Calvia) - www.puertoportals.com


- Mallorca Oil fair in Palma - www.olidemallorca.es
- Spring fairs and fiestas in Manacor - Cooking and Wine Tasting Do Pla i Llevant - www.doplaillevant.com

SELVA - ¿Aigua de murta¿ en la Fira de ses Herbes.


- Ses Herbes fair in Selva
- Apricot fair in Porreres
- Potato fair in Sa Pobla
- Pa amb Oli fair in Montuïri - www.feriasyfiestasdemallorca.com
- Summer evening food fair in Consell

PALMA. GASTRONOMIA. LA FIEBRE DE LOS LLONGUETS. Más de 50 hornos de Palma elaborarán miles


- Llonguet route (bread roll) every Wednesday in Palma - www.feriasyfiestasdemallorca.com


- Melon fair in Vilafranca de Bonany
- Tomàtiga de Ramallet (tomato) evening fair in Maria de la Salut


- Draught Fair (Fira del Sequer) in Sant Lloret de Vistalegre
- Wine harvest fiesta and wine fair in Binissalem - www.ajbinissalem.net



- Botifarró fair (Mallorcan sausage) in Sant Joan
- Sweet fair in Esporles
- Llampuga fair (fish) in Capdepera (Cala Ratjada)
- Autumn and wine fair in Consell
- Red Pepper fair in Felanitx
- Gastronomic Days in Estellencs - www.feriasyfiestasdemallorca.com
- Street Food Festival in Port Adriano (Calvia) - www.portadriano.es
- Gastronomic Days in Calvia every Friday - www.feriasyfiestasdemallorca.com
- Sobrassada fair in Campos - www.ajcampos.net

LLUBI. FERIAS. FIRA DE LA MEL. La miel y sus derivados, protagonistas de la 18ª edición de la Fira.


- New Wine fair in Santa Maria
- Artisan Beer fair in Puigpunyent
- Olive fair in Caimari (Selva) - www.ajselva.net/caimari
- Honey fair in Llubí
- Mushroom and Mountain fair in Mancor de la Vall
- Pumpkin fair in Muro - www.ajmuro.net
- Local fish fair (Gerret) in Soller - www.ajsoller.net
- Dijous Bo, Ensaimada exhibition in Inca
- Tapalma route in Palma - www.tapalma.es
- Rice Fair in Sa Pobla

La tradición del turrón. Pasteleros de la Isla elaboran con esmero este dulce a base de almendra.


- Almond milk fair in Pla de Na Tesa (Marratxí)
- Christmas Gastronomy fair across Mallorca
- Partridge fair in Montuïri

MALLORCA - Mallorca Wine Tours, entre las mejores rutas vinícolas de España

Food experiences

· Mallorca Wine Tours - www.mallorcawinetours.com
· Wine routes Mallorca - www.wineroutesmallorca.com
· Centre Capvespre de Sóller - www.centrecapvespre.com/es/rutas
· Pescaturismo - www.pescaturismomallorca.com
· Mallorca Gastronomic Tours - www.mallorcagastronomictours.com
· Salines de Es Trenc - www.salinasdestrenc.com
· Farmers&Co - www.farmersandco.es
· Terragust - www.terragust.es
· Chefsin - www.chefsin.com
· Souveniredicions - www.souveniredicions.com
· Finca Son Moragues - www.sonmoragues.com
· TrasMedTour - www.trasmedtour.com
· Son Mut Nou - www.monserratpons.com
· Es Garrover de Mallorca - www.esgarroverdemallorca.com
· Ecovinyassa Sóller - www.ecovinyassa.com
· Es recó porrerenc - www.facebook.com/esrecoporrerenc
· Can Parrí - www.canparriporreres.com
· Mallorca Distillery - www.mallorcadistillery.com
· Son Jover Formatgeria - www.sonjover.com
· Ametla + - www.ametllademallorca.com

Seasonal Flavours


Spring (During Easter)

· Empanadas
· Robiols
· Crespells
· Mona de Pascua (chocolate)



· Coca de trampó (green peppers, tomatoes and onions)
· Coca de pimientos asados (red peppers)
· Coca de albaricoques (apricots)
· Gató (almond cake) and almond ice cream



· Buñuelos de patata y boniato (potato and sweet potato doughnuts-like confection)
· Buñuelos “de vent” (doughnut-like confections with a hole in the middle)
· Amargos (almond biscut from Minorca)
· Rosarios (different types of sweets and chocolates sewn on a string)
· Panellets (biscuits made with chestnuts and sweet potatoes)


Winter (Christmas and Three Kings)

· Turrón
· Almond milk
· Cocas de patata (potato)
· Coca de turrón
· Greixonera de Reis (Made with ensaimada from the previous day and baked in a typical Mallorcan earth dish)
· Espinagada (pastry made with eel)
· Sobrassada, llonganisses and botifarrons (different types of Mallorcan sausages)
· Ensaimada de “tallades” (ensaimada with pieces of sobrassada and dried fruit)

And also during the whole year


Cocarrois (empanada and is usually filled with vegetables, fish or meat)
Cremadillos o doblegats (flake pastry filled with cream or jams)
Coca de verdura (vegetables)
Llonguets y una gran variedad de panes (typical Mallorcan bread rolls)
Cuartos y cuartos embetumats (egg yolk pastries)

Where can you find these products?

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