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They were in a big stew for Xmas - and loved it

The basis of a good Spanish stew is onions and tomatoes sautéed until they are reduced to a jam-like consistency.

Andrew Valente15/12/2021 11:30

Mallorcan food and wine

Food and Wine

Mallorca's food and drink experience

The fact of being an island combined with the good weather throughout the year provides us with an exquisite variety of products that is almost entirely exclusive to Mallorca.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter17/11/2021 09:41

Sopa de Galets

Sopa de Galets

Sopa de Galets, large, shell shaped pasta stuffed with spiced mincemeat and served in a broth.

Wikipedia 24/12/2020



Planning for the 12 days of Christmas

Christmas Day meal for those few who do celebrate the full 12 days of Christmas is always a bit of a drain on the household budget so here we give some easy and cheap ideas to endure it.

Andrew Valente26/11/2020 12:44