Ronaldo spent much of his holiday in Mallorca on his super yacht. | Joan Llado

Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo left Minorca Airport today in a private jet after spending just over a day relaxing in Minorca waters, although it was not exactly a peaceful farewell to the Balearics.

According to airport sources, there was a loud argument in the VIP passenger control area at Minorca airport. The protagonist was not Ronaldo, but his two burly twin bodyguards. One of them had a splinted finger, which set off the alarm at the security check.

The security guard at the time was a woman, she informed him that he had to call a colleague, a delay that apparently did not please Cristiano’s bodyguard, who raised his voice and gesticulated violently before passing through the checkpoint without the corresponding search, despite warnings from security personnel that they were going to notify the Guardia Civil.

The bodyguard reportedly said that he had been a policeman in Portugal and that they could call whoever he wanted.

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Eventually officers arrived to calm things down and the plane left at least half an hour late.
Cristiano watched the whole scene, without getting involved.

On Wednesday afternoon Ronaldo and family arrived in the port of Mahon on board his luxury yacht “CG Mare”, and they spent Thursday at sea. In the afternoon, he was seen again with his wife Georgina Rodríguez and their son.

He is due to return to training with Manchester United on Monday although speculation is rife about his future with Chelsea just one of the clubs he has been linked with.

He and his family have spent the best part of three weeks in Mallorca, Ibiza and Minorca.