The Koru in the Club de Mar where the figure of Lauren Sanchez can be seen on the bow. | G. ALOMAR


Lauren Sanchez, the girlfriend of Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, has a unique claim to fame....the figurehead on the bow of his new 500 million dollar yacht is modelled on her. Bezos and Sanchez have been cruising Balearics waters aboard the Koru with friends.

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They include October Gonzalez, who is married to former American football player Tony Gonzalez, who also dated Lauren before she met Bezos. Lauren and Tony have a son together born in 2001 so it was a case of Mother and Stepmother coming together for a Mediterranean cruise. They posted a photo of themselves on Instagram.

Bezos and Sanchez appear to be very much in love and according to British media reports they kissed on deck shortly after boarding the Koru.