It could be argued that the Germans, as the biggest contributors to the European Union, have helped pay for many of the fine infrastucture projects  on the island including Palma airport. The British have also paid their fair share. But now the new Balearic coalition local government, in their wisdom,  have decided to introduce a tourist tax. So not only will the British and the Germans be paying for their holiday it could be said that they have also helped build the airport and new train station in the Plaza España and also they will be charged an additional tax for coming on holiday here. Thank you very much! A tourist tax is a dangerous proposal because it could easily back-fire. Just ask the last coalition Balearic government which had to abandon their tax after an outcry from tourists, hoteliers and tour firms. I have always said that I suspect that the local government would raise more money with a voluntary donation from tourists than an actual tax. Now, obviously holidaymakers want the island to remain a holiday paradise and I believe that they would be willing to make a donation as long  as they realised that the money was being well spent. But charging them a tax without their full support could mean that tourists will vote with their feet and go elsewhere. If the local government is serious it needs to open talks with the tourist industry at once. We can´t have a controversial tax at a time when the islands are facing stiff competition.


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