The latest report from the Post Office in Britain regarding British families on all inclusive packages having to spend more money on food and drink because they get bored of what is being served in their hotels,  is logical but at the same time hard to believe. I have always maintained that all inclusive packages are ruining the bar and restaurant trade in resorts because tourists simply do not leave their hotels. I have seen it for myself. And I am not just talking  about British tourists, I would say all nationalities do likewise.  Yes, my experience “of all inclusive food” is that it can be boring but in these hard times it must be remembered that the majority of families are on a budget and simply can´t afford to spend excessively outside their hotel. While bar and restaurant prices in the resorts are competitive if you venture into Palma in some cases you will be paying London prices. Even I am shocked at some of the prices which are charged by bars in the centre of Palma. All inclusive holidays will continue to be popular because they offer value for money but at the same time they do little for the local economy. I would support a curb on this type of package simply because of the damage it is causing to businesses in the resorts. All inclusive packages and and an endless supply of cheap alcohol has been blamed for some of the problems in Magalluf. Yes all inclusive packages do have their problems but at the same time I doubt they will disappear.