Yesterday, the Balearic government announced its intention to set to work on opening up more winter air routes between the Balearics and the principal European tourism markets.
The previous PP government talked endlessly about taking similar action but, in the end, did nothing.
However, now it appears that the new left-wing administration is determined to attract more winter flights and encourage the local tourist industry to wake up to winter and offer more reasons for people to come here on holiday in the off-season.
MES made it clear during its election campaign that it intended to tackle the issue of winter tourism: there was even talk of creating a Balearic airline, but the money is not there right now.
Nevertheless, if the government can slash airport operating fees and taxes, for example, we will not need our own airline because existing airlines will be quick to snap up slots at Balearic airports, Palma in particular.
But, the government has made it clear it has to be a team effort involving the Ministry for Tourism and other tourism agencies, the hotel sector and the tourist industry as a whole for this initiative to work properly and prosper.
Obviously, it may be too late for this winter, most of the airlines have their winter flight programmes drawn up and on sale, but  winter 2016/2017 could be viable.
So, fingers crossed and watch this space.