Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was often accused of not liking Spanish players when he was the manager of Real Madrid. The Madrid sports newspapers would often blast the so-called "special one" for picking foreign talent before home-grown players. But the signing of Pedro yesterday by Chelsea means that Mourinho will now have four Spaniards in his starting eleven.

In fact, Chelsea now have more Spaniards in their first eleven than Real Madrid. Since taking over as Chelsea manager Mourinho has certainly given his backing to Spanish players. He bought Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas and now Pedro.

So his critics at Real Madrid have been proved wrong. Also, there are now at least five Spain internationals playing in the Premier League, of which four are at Chelsea. So Mourinho can be blamed for many things from never taking the blame for anything and for being arrogant but he certainly likes Spanish players. Mourinho is on the back foot at the moment after a poor start to the season and he has already been linked with a move to PSG. But of course it is early days in the Premier League.

I sincerely doubt that he will leave Chelsea. Mourinho, who has often been described as the most unpopular man in Spain, says he feels at home in England. He also adds a certain edge to the Premier League, whatever his critics may say and he does seem able to attract top talent from Spain who could easily have gone elsewhere.