The new local authorities appear to have a completely different philosophy towards the tourist industry. Firstly, there is the tourist tax and secondly, Calvia Council are taking the lead in a proposed crackdown on all-inclusive package holidays. And then there is the wish and desire for a longer holiday season. A shorter season means that thousands of workers within the industry will have problems claiming their unemployment benefit. In some ways it is quite a refreshing approach that the local authorities are taking. The tourist tax, if properly administered and introduced, could provide the local government with an important source of new revenue and at the same time make the necessary funds available to improve local tourist resorts. The crackdown on all-inclusive package holidays is also a step in the right direction. These prepaid holidays are ruining the bar and restaurant trade in resorts, while a longer holiday season will be good for everyone from tourists to hotel workers. Under the previous Partido Popular administration there did not appear to be a clear-cut tourism policy. It was almost like a free for all. Nothing was done to stop the advance of all-inclusive holidays; little was achieved on plans to lengthen the holiday season. So at least the new local authorities have some policies; they may be controversial and they may cause problems but at least they have some ideas. I wish them luck on all fronts.