I know a man who runs a centre for pensioners in Palma. It has about 400 members and it is a social club organising outings and courses from computers to ballroom dancing. It is a lively place and exists as a result of a small membership fee and a grant from the local authorities. But the centre is now facing an uncertain future because the new council has decided to divert some of the cash to fund the anti-bullfighting campaign, help refugees and young people in need. Now, I do not want to question the merits of any of these causes but as far as I know there are many organisations which are helping refugees. The anti-bullfighting campaign is a worthy cause, but should it be supported with taxpayers' money? And I am sure that many young people can live without government hand-outs. If this centre for the elderly is forced to close it will be a sad loss. It provides a great service and is a source of great comfort to many people. The council should perhaps consider how they spend their money.