There is allegedly some concern amongst British expatriates living in Spain over Britain’s possible pull-out from the European Union. I have been told that there is little danger of British citizens losing their free medical care or even the vote in council elections if Britain does elect to withdraw from the European Union. Britain has signed up to many European Treaties apart from the actual European Union and therefore our rights in Spain will remain much the same if Britain does vote “Yes” and pullout. I personally believe that Britain should stay in the European Union providing that it is reformed and some powers returned to the parliaments and governments of each member state. It seems rather illogical to me that Britain would not want to be a member of club which has all its neighbours as members. But Prime Minister David Cameron is right to hold the referendum. For too long there has been this longstanding debate over the European Union and whether Britain should be a member.                             

I suspect that there will be a narrow victory by the “No” vote and hopefully this will end the arguement once and for all. I find it rather amazing that many people actually believe that Britain could leave the European Union without too much trouble. We must remember that the majority of Britain’s exports go to the European continent and really it is a bit late to revive trade deals with members of the Commonwealth. This was an opportunity missed.