If there was as much intrigue on the pitch as there is in the boardroom at Real Mallorca Football Club, then we would have a first division football team. Like everyone else I was rather shocked and surprised to read that American businessman Robert Sarver appears to be poised to take over the club from German owner Utz Claassen. I must admit I thought that Claassen would stick with Mallorca until the club was promoted to the top division and he still might. However, if he does offload Mallorca to Sarver then I can’t really blame him. Claassen has sunk many millions into Mallorca with little or no return. On the pitch Mallorca are almost in the same position as when Claassen took over last year. Off the pitch it is a different story. The fact that an American millionaire is actually interested in Mallorca shows that Claassen and his team have done much to put the club on the right footing. So what will the change in ownership mean for Mallorca? Well Sarver is prepared to spend and bring in new players and perhaps even a new coach. This is certainly a step in the right direction. Our Mallorca correspondent Monro Bryce says in his column today that some Mallorca fans are not too impressed with their club being owned by a foreigner. Well that is just tough luck for them. Successive Majorcan owners of the club failed miserably leaving the club on the verge of bankrupcy. At least Claassen managed to steady the good ship Mallorca in some very heavy seas.