I must admit that I did have my doubts about being interviewed by Jeremy Kyle for his second programme on Magalluf. I became even more concerned when all the people I suggested as possible interview material to the producers all declined. But after all I thought to myself that Kyle is a fellow journalist and it would be rather unprofessional to say no. So a very nervous Jason Moore headed to Magalluf and was interviewed by the man himself on the beach front in Magalluf last summer. I joked with one of the ITV producers that I risked being run out of Magalluf and Majorca if the programme was a complete disaster for the island. As you all probably know the programme went out on Tuesday night and overall it gave a relatively balanced picture of the resort in summer. Yes, Magalluf is changing for the better but yes it still has some serious problems which need resolving. My interview lasted for about 20 seconds which was 20 seconds too long for my racing heart. The programme did not show Magalluf in the best light but it did show that things are getting better. I did mention in my interview all the money which is being spent on the resort and the new attractions which have been built but unfortunately it ended up on the cutting room floor. I would urge the local authorities to invite Kyle back to Magalluf next summer and show him all the investment and the changes which have taken place. Magalluf is changing but the change will take time.