British expats are not known for their language skills. Sadly, I would say that the majority of British residents have limited Spanish skills. This important lack of language skills is obviously not limited to the British. The Spanish also have problems learning a foreign language. In some ways I agree with that age-old British expat claim that the Spanish should have better English skills when you consider that half the British population comes here on holiday and has been doing so for the last fifty years. But times are changing and Spanish parents have an enormous appetite for their children to learn English. It is a major talking point for parents who go to great lengths with after-school classes and even summer camps to Britain. I have an idea. Majorcans want to learn English and the British should really learn Spanish, so why don´t they get together and help resolve the problem. Probably one of the best ways to learn a language is to converse with a native speaker. Imagine if Brits came together with Majorcans for a chat once a week to further their language skills and at the same time learn about each other. I know it sounds amazing but there are a considerable number of British residents who have little contact with Majorcans and of course vice versa. So problem solved, set up conversation classes. The local authorities are always talking about integrating foreign residents into the local community. Well this would be a way forward.