The leader of the Spanish Socialist Party, Pedro Sanchez, has agreed to try and form a government after the stalemate in the general elections. I wish him luck, I applaud his courage but he is just delaying the inevitable which will be new general elections in the spring. The chances of Sanchez managing to bring together a group of parties who are like chalk and cheese are slim to say the least. Even if he gets an agreement, then there is the little matter of forming a government and governing Spain. Sanchez wants to bring together the pro-business centre right, Cuidadanos, with the anti-big business far left wing, Podemos, the communists of Izquierda Unida and then the smaller nationalist parties, some of whom are in favour of a breakaway from Spain which Sanchez opposes. Best of luck Pedro, if you can bring this bunch of people together I don´t think being prime minister of Spain is enough, you should be secretary general of  the United Nations! And to make matters even worse there are some within his own party who are opposed to a pact with Podemos. The only real solution to avoid calling another general election would be a grand coalition involving the Partido Popular, the only party which Sanchez is not prepared to meet. In fact I would say that the Spanish Socialists have more in common with the Partido Popular than Podemos. But Sanchez has made it clear there will be no deal with the centre-right Partido Popular.