The issue of winter tourism on Majorca has been likened to a chicken-and-egg scenario. There are no flights so there are no hotels open. But things are changing. Jet2 will start operating winter flights from Manchester on Thursday, bringing the first winter tourists to the island on a package holiday in almost a decade. Yes, I know it sounds amazing but winter package holidays to Majorca suddenly stopped after being generally popular for many years. The reasons are still unknown but the sudden halt is being partly reversed from tomorrow thanks to Jet2 which is operating a small winter programme to Palma. As regular readers of this space will know I feel very strongly about winter tourism and believe that Majorca could be a fantastic 12-month-a-year holiday destination. To give Jet2 a small helping hand on Thursday the Bulletin will be distributing free copies of the newspaper amongst our first winter tourists and also the minister for tourism, Biel Barcelo, has written a welcome message. The first flight is fully booked and they are all staying in hotels across Palma. This could be the start of something very interesting for Majorca. Palma is a beautiful city and there is plenty to do in our capital during the winter months. The majority of hotels are open and obviously so are restaurants, bars and shops. I would like to wish Jet2 the best of luck and I sincerely hope that their move into winter tourism is a success. Fingers crossed.