Do I notice a change in attitudes towards winter tourism? Two years ago, if you had mentioned low-season tourism, there would have been silence and the conversation would have changed to a different topic. I have interviewed many politicians who would dismiss low-season holidays with the words "yes, that is something that we must look at". But now everybody wants to get aboard the winter tourism bandwagon. The game-changing move has basically been that of Jet2. Their winter holidays have started the ball rolling. In other words, the British tour firm is the "chicken and the egg" of winter tourism to Majorca. Yes ,it must be said that the majority of hotels which are open are in Palma apart from some great examples such as Sis Pins in Puerto Pollensa. But local politicians have been quick to announce that they are backing winter tourism all the way. I was glad to see that on Jet2's first flight from Manchester tourists were given a small treat. There was flamenco dancing at Manchester and they were met by the Bulletin in Palma. Ole! So things are changing for the better and let us hope that winter tourism continues to prosper. More low-season tourists equals more hotels open equals more employment equals more money for the local economy. It is as simple as that. In years to come I sincerely hope that we can look back on 2016 as the year things changed and winter tourism moved forward. And we have Jet2 to thank for it.