If Britain leaves the European Union, what will happen to expat Brits living in Spain? Would it mean that we will have to take out work permits? Would it mean that we will not be able to vote in local elections? The list is endless. Given there are around two million Britons living abroad within the EU and 2.5 million EU citizens living in Britain, arrangements will have to be made. One of the deals which is being actively discussed would allow EU migrants who had acquired rights under EU law, such as free movement, to retain those rights for a transitional period. But all this is speculation of course. Just as a matter of interest, I would say that the British government should really spell out how it believes a British exit would affect British people living abroad in the European Union. After all, we are talking about two million British citizens. No one has a crystal ball but I would say that before urging expats living in Spain to vote in the referendum the British government should give some answers. Also, the fact that voting rights are reserved for those who have lived outside Britain for less than 15 years is stupid to say the least. Every British citizen of voting age should be allowed to have their say on European Union membership. It is a massive decision which could change the very face of Britain and Europe. It is not just a question of trade, it is a question of how Britain wants to continue. The government needs to provide answers and quick.