The controversial tourist tax, if and when it is introduced, will raise between 50 and 80 million euros for the local government. Now can you imagine if this sum of money was invested in promoting the Balearics across Europe? I am not just talking about summer/sun holidays but low-season tourism as well. The islands could even have an advertising campaign on British and German television. It would make a world of difference. Cash could also be provided to airlines and businesses which open during the winter. I suspect that with a well-researched plan, the fortunes of the Balearics would change overnight. Other holiday destinations have used a so-called tourist tax for similar purposes and it has worked very well indeed. The government claims that because of the funding crisis with the Madrid government it needs to raise additional funds and this is one of the key reasons why the tourist tax is being introduced. On the whole I do not believe that tourists will object to paying the tax as long as the money is wisely spent on improvements to the tourism industry. I do not think that tourist tax money should be diverted to other non-tourism related industries or services. It should be a tax paid for by tourists to improve the holiday industry. The government has to be careful. It has a golden opportunity to introduce the charge without too much fuss, but the money raised must be spent on worthwhile projects.