Yes we can! Full marks to the people of Pollensa who have shown the way forward with their meeting calling for more low-season tourism. The announcement that Ryanair will be connecting Palma with Scotland during the winter, backed by more winter flights from northern airports from Jet2 is slowly getting the ball rolling and I must admit there does appear to be a change in attitude. If you mentioned winter tourism three years ago, people would look at you and laugh and say that no one wants to come here in the winter. Wrong! Geoff Hopkins of the Sis Pins Hotel in Puerto Pollensa reports that they have had an excellent winter season and Geoff runs one of the few hotels in that area which actually stays open throughout the year. Now local businesses in the area are pondering whether they should keep open in the low season as well. There is a movement which is gathering momentum that Majorca can be a low-season destination. The new Hyatt hotel in Canyamel, which opens shortly, will be open throughout the year. The general manager, John Beveridge, is a big supporter of winter tourism to Majorca. So we are heading in the right direction. All we need is for the Balearic government to spend some of the money raising through the tourist tax on promoting the island as a winter holiday destination. Times are changing and for once winter tourism is becoming a reality not just a dream. Well done to all.