So it appears highly unlikely that British police officers will be returning to Magalluf again this summer. Last summer two officers were sent to Magalluf to "patrol" the resort alongside their Spanish colleagues. I think it was more of a question of "showing the flag" and showing solidarity with their local counterparts than an actual policing plan. It is rather a shame that there will not be a repeat performance this year because I think it was good that Britain was taking a stand against the problems in Magalluf. At the same time I do believe that the local police force has Magalluf under control and probably does not need much outside help. The British police presence, which lasted for a few days, drew criticism from certain sections of the British media which was rather unhelpful and also opened the floodgates: it appeared that resorts across Spain were all asking for a British police presence. At the end of the day law enforcement in Spain must be carried out by the Spanish. Revenue from tourism obviously helps pay the bill for the Spanish policing plan. Foreign police officers have limited powers in Spain, anyhow. So, while it was nice to see British police officers on patrol in Magalluf perhaps it was a slightly expensive luxury which had more to do with solidarity with their Spanish colleagues rather than anything else. The British police operation in Magalluf was a success but it appears that it was just a one-off for now.