The British love affair with Spain is obviously great news for the Spanish economy. An estimated half a million Britons live in Spain and about 20 million come here on holiday. So really the last thing that a Spanish government wants to do is rock the boat. But "acting" Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy did just that today when he announced that the status of hundreds of thousands of Britons living in Spain would be unclear if Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Thanks Sr. Rajoy, I am glad that you are an "acting" prime minister because I am sure that David Cameron would give you an Oscar for your Number 10 Downing Street-written script which clearly puts Spain in the please stay camp. Rajoy shouldn’t get involved. All he is doing is scaremongering and scaring many elderly Britons who live in Spain. Yes, he could be right. Many of our documents which are stamped European Union would have to be changed if Britain left, but I am sure that this is a simple operation. Spain needs its army of British residents.

His comments have caused an outcry in the "leave" camp and quite rightly so. The Spanish government should be trying to put British residents at ease by saying that little or nothing would change for them if Britain does vote to leave. It is a sad state of affairs when even the Spanish government gets involved in scaremongering. British citizens could vote to leave Spain, Sr. Rajoy.