Chris Froome won yet another Tour de France on Sunday and I am quite amazed the local authorities are not busy underlining the fact that Froome does a sizeable part of his training on the island during the winter months. You could even say that part of his success is as a result of his training during the winter on the roads of Majorca.

I sincerely hope that when Froome and his team mates from Team Sky return to the island next year the local authorities will hold a reception in their honour. If Froome's connection with the island is not used as a promotional tool by the local authorities you can safely say that they have scored an own goal. The Froome success story clearly underlines Majorca's great potentional as a cycling training centre. Froome and his team mates do all their training on the island during the low season, therefore it is almost a double promotional tool for the local authorities. "Come to Majorca during the winter months and train with the champions" would be a fantastic slogan.

Majorca still needs winter tourism to keep hotels open and stop resorts from becoming ghost towns. We do not have the fantastic weather that we have in the summer but we do have the same beautiful countryside and excellent facilities. Cycling is an ideal sport to promote for the winter months. So I sincerely hope that Majorca takes its rightful claim in the success of Chris Froome. He was not made in Majorca but a small part of his victory was.