Every time take a taxi during the winter months, the cab driver always moans about the lack of work. From October to April it is their chief complaint. But they are not moaning now. In fact I would say that there is a severe shortage of taxis in Palma at the moment. The problem is so pronounced that sometimes you have to wait long periods even in the city centre. A sizeable number of cabbies head to the airport in search of the lucrative fare to Alcudia, Cala Ratjada or Pollensa, and I sometimes get the impression that the majority of Palma's cabs are at the airport, leaving the city without any service.

The council should regulate this state of affairs to ensure that there are enough taxis in the city centre and not just waiting at the airport. I think Palma has about 2,000 taxis but with the cruise boom and the record holiday season it is not enough. I can't see the council granting any more licences because it would cause an outcry but surely they could consider "summer licences" This would allow additional cabs just to operate during the busy summer months and "retire" during the winter months. It is a simple way of resolving the taxi shortage. Thanks to the arrival of thousands of cruise-ship passengers almost on a daily basis Palma is far more crowded than it once was. Now is the time for action. Palma wants cruise-ship passengers, so therefore the council should ensure that they are catered for.