Is cycling about to overtake golf as the big "tourism sport" on the island? There are many people who believe that cycling is one of the keys to winter tourism on the island. And they are not wrong. But let us remember that golf is also vital for the low season, and the I think the two should complement each other rather than compete against each other.

But when it comes to cycling I feel that the local authorities should be doing more. More cycle paths, more information and of course more promotion. The local authorities should be using the fact that the British Olympic team trains on the island along with Tour de France champion Chris Froome and Team Sky in all their promotional campaigns. If cycling continues to grow, then Majorca can really get serious when it comes to winter tourism. Cycling and golf could be the winning combination which is needed to keep hotels open during the winter and therefore provide much needed employment.

Perhaps some of the money from the tourist tax could be diverted to increase promotion of cycling tourism and also help airlines and tour firms who want to operate to the island during the winter months. Basically, the ball is in Majorca's court. This is a golden opportunity to make Majorca an all-year-round holiday destination. But work is certainly needed. Cycling already provides Majorca with much needed revenue during the winter months; this state of affairs has opened a whole new ball game.