I like Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister. She is a very able and gifted politician and her skills are in short supply in Britain at the moment. I do not agree with her policies but she is certainly an able operator. Sturgeon has once again raised the possibility of a second referendum on Scottish independence before 2020 over the European Union.

As we all know, Scotland voted to stay in the EU and England and Wales voted to leave. But there is a small problem. Perhaps Sturgeon should ask the EU if they want an independent Scotland before she embarks on yet another referendum. Spain has made it very clear; they will veto any attempts by an independent Scotland to join the European Union. So, game over Nicola, nice try. You can´t promise the people of Scotland that they will stay in the European Union if certain members have already said no.

Now, obviously there is method in her latest push for "freedom". Perhaps she is looking for a nice deal from London which will give the Scottish government more power. Opinion polls say that the people of Scotland would reject a breakaway if a second vote did take place. It is a pity, though, that Sturgeon did not campaign for a "Stay" vote down south. She gives a fantastic defence of the European Union and its merits. Her words were clearly missing during the referendum campaign on EU membership. And I go further. If the remain in Britain campaign is anything like the remain in the EU campaign, Scotland should prepare for independence.