At the World Travel Market in London this week I heard the words "British Brexit", "low pound" and "great season ahead" on numerous occasion, but not once did I hear the words "tourist tax". After all the protest and talk of a fall in bookings as a result of the controversial surcharge, you would have thought that someone would have said something. But nothing. In fact the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) said that little had been said about the tax in Britain even at the height of the summer season when it had just been introduced.

So, the Balearic government have got lucky. The tax, introduced last summer, is now a reality and I sincerely doubt that it will ever be withdrawn. Ten years ago the regional government tried to introduce a tax of this type but it had to be withdrawn because it was so unpopular. Now, it has become a reality with hardly any fuss at all. Tourist taxes have  been introduced across holiday destinations across the globe and the Balearics have joined the club.

The surchage will raise between 50 to 80 million euros for the government, so it is a vital source of revenue. My only concern is that the tourist tax cash is spent sensibly. Holidaymakers will want to see that their money is being used to improve the islands. This regional government may not be one of the most successful in history but it can take credit for the tourist tax.


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John P / Hace over 5 years

Tourist tax great idea,would like to see UK implement it for visitors from Balearics and beyond when holidaying in UK. Am sure the money would be spent as sensibly by our government!


Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

Whilst demand exceeds supply, no it won´t. But how long will this situation last for ?