Just last week I wrote a piece in this space lamenting the demise of Christmas holiday packages to the island. Believe it or not this island at one stage was a popular festive getaway destination. Not any longer. But on Saturday the Christmas lights were switched on in Palma; the Bulletin and many other media outlets and individuals posted videos on social media of the city in its festive glory. It caused a social media sensation. Thousands of people marvelled at the city's Christmas decorations and many of the comments were - wish I was there or what a pity there are not more low-season flights. It was nice to also see that this island can cause a sensation even during the winter months.

The lights in Palma are quite fantastic. Last weekend it looked as if most of Majorca had descended on Palma to see the lights and enjoy the city. But what a pity that tourists can't enjoy the festive fun, as well. See the Christmas lights, enjoy some shopping and good food: sounds like a recipe for success to me. As I have said on so many occasions in this space, Majorca is a fantastic place 12 months of the year. The island has a golden opportunity to attract some more tourists during the low season, so make Christmas special again for the tourist industry. There is no reason why local hotels can't offer Christmas breaks. The Balearic government says that the island already has enough tourists during the summer season, so why not start with Christmas.