Regular readers of this space will know that I am concerned about the status and to some extent the fate of thousands of British citizens living in the European Union, post-Brexit. Over the last few weeks I have made some enquiries about the issue and of course nothing is set in stone and it could be argued that everyone is in the dark. But there is a school of thought, which I subscribe to, which says that British citizens living legally in Spain at the time of Brexit, will be largely unaffected. They may have to replace their green residence certificate with the non-EU residence card, but that is largely it. The only real difference is that it is highly unlikely that British citizens will be able to vote in the local elections.

Now, the no change is for those Britons who are living legally in Spain. Those who are not legal could have a problem because they could be judged to be "illegal aliens". So my advice to these people is get yourself legal as soon as possible. I know for a fact that many local institutions are calling for British citizens to register with their councils. The clock is ticking. Brexit will affect British citizens living abroad so it is best to be prepared. At the moment it has never been more simple to become a "legal citizen" in Spain. The whole process is easy and not costly. How this process will change post-Brexit is of course still unclear. But if your paperwork is in order you stand a much better change of experiencing fewer problems.