What will happen to the European Union once Britain leaves? Does it have a future? If I were the EU, I would be slightly concerned that a key member such as Britain (the second biggest economy in Europe) was leaving. Much is being made about whether Britain will be able to survive without the EU, but will the EU be able to weather the British storm?

The Brexit vote has become a talking point on the European continent; it has given countries food for thought. Now, obviously the fate of the European Union probably hinges on the outcome of the French and German elections later this year; in France Marine Le Pen is talking about Frexit. Le Pen is not expected to win the French presidential vote but she could gain enough votes to make the French government have some serious second thoughts on the EU.

If Britain makes a success of Brexit then the real test will come for the EU. The last thing that the EU wants is for Britain to make a success of the divorce and live happily ever after with new trading partners. Whatever anyone says, the EU was hit hard by the British vote and the fallout will continue for years to come. The big decision for the EU is whether to give Britain a good deal or a bad one. A good deal is probably the most sensible move; best to part as friends and no infighting.