I blame the government. Winter flights to Scotland have been cancelled because the local government and island councils have failed to do enough to promote all the events which happen on the island during the low season. With the airline industry, especially the low-cost airlines, demand and supply is constantly in the spotlight. It was decided that there was not enough demand for flights to Scotland over the winter from Majorca and as a direct result the flights have been cancelled. So, Scotland is back to square one.

The Bulletin actively campaigned for months to help secure more winter flights. At the time we always said that the resident population on the island and holiday home owners in Scotland were not enough to ensure that these flights were full. Tourists were needed. The only way that you are going to get tourists during the low season is by promoting the off-season events.

It is no good coming to Majorca in October to February if you are in search of the sunshine. Tourists must be given other alternatives and there are plenty from golf to hiking. But the local authorities must ensure that tourists are aware that there is more to this island than just the sunshine and the beach. It is a great shame that the local authorities do not take winter tourism seriously. It could be a real lifeline for the island economy. But at the moment everyone is talking summer season and the winter is just an afterthought. A great pity. An opportunity missed.


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S. / Hace over 4 years

i TOTALLY AGREE YOUR VIEWPOINT. The campaign to get more Winter Flights and more Winter Attractions, has stuttered again, to almost a halt. Perhaps an interview, or interviews with the authorities responsible for this continuing failure of winter tourism. Further interviews are needed with the Hoteliers, who close, and the Airlines who stop providing flights to Mallorca. But The British People have been saying this problem of winter failures, since the 1980's that I am aware of on this Island. Cutting edge Interviews are needed, by The Bulletin Reporters, with ALL those responsible for these continuing Winter Failures.