The Balearic government continues to talk of "saturation": in other words too many tourists. Some of the more radical elements of the local government have hinted that perhaps there are too many tourists heading to our shores. This is obviously dangerous talk. But it must be remembered that the island is only "saturated" for three months of the year. In the remaining nine, the island is relatively quiet and some businesses would say too quiet. Yes, some Majorcan beauty spots could be said to be over-saturated but only because the Balearic government has failed to control the number of vehicles heading to these areas. A Calvia cab driver was complaining to me the other day about the lack of tourism, and he was right.

Despite talk of a record season, the holiday period has still not got into full swing yet. Granted, it is still early May, but the summer season will be like always this year. Three months of mass tourism and then a big fall off. So really we can talk of saturation just three months of the year. I am not too impressed with the language being used by both the hoteliers and the local government at the moment. Claims that British tourists could be barred from all-inclusive holidays because of the false compensation claims and then talk of "saturation" is doing little to make holidaymakers feel at home. It must be remembered that Majorca lives from tourism and without tourism it would really struggle economically. That is the truth.


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Henry / Hace over 4 years

Actually Mallorca is not busy. Try London, Venice and Florence they are far busier


S. / Hace over 4 years

It is a THREE MONTH All Inclusive Season---Because of the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. The Hoteliers control Mallorca. If they are OPEN ,When The Island is OPEN., their ALL Inclusive Tariffs cause sickness and " The Trots ". It is because Tourists have paid for food, before arrival. They can not leave or claim compensation, if their self service food is poor and suspect. The Self Employed are leaving the Island. Their TAXATION Revenue is lost, as they have become Bankrupt. The gradual destruction of the Economy is progressing.