If the weekend newspapers are to be believed, Theresa May could soon be leaving Downing Street. Senior Conservatives are said to be plotting her downfall if her fortunes do not improve in the coming days. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why May once described the Conservatives as the "nasty party". Nothing like sticking by your leader. But surely if May was good enough to be leader three months ago, then she is still good enough now. You get the impression that the party is still deeply split and judging by the BBC2 play/documentary Theresa v. Boris, the former London mayor expected to be prime minister after the Brexit referendum. And Theresa May, according to the programme, also thought that Boris would get the top job.

I would say that at the moment the Conservatives have little option but to stick with Theresa May. Time will tell. The Tories can’t ditch their leader at the first sign of trouble. Yes, May did preside over a terrible election campaign, but surely the party and other senior figures should take some of the blame. But if May is ousted who will replace her? Well the obvious candidate is Boris. But does the former mayor of London have the necessary credentials to be the new leader of Britain? No, I don’t think so. At the moment the Conservative Party have one option and that option is Theresa May.