Prince Harry was quoted as saying over the weekend that he had thought about giving up his royal titles. I would encourage him to explore the idea at length because perhaps it is not a bad idea. He could return to the army and continue as an Apache gunship pilot because his training alone cost the tax-payer a fortune. He would have to lose the beard, also, in line with army regulations and take up residence in Aldershot or wherever his unit is based. British army tours traditionally last for nine months or more so he can expect to be abroad a lot but in the training grounds of Canada, Kenya and Belize. He might even get a trip to the Falklands or even Afghanistan or Iraq. Now, obviously the life of the Prince would change, probably for the better and I am sure that his wife-to-be would love living in married quarters in north Norfolk (England) where his former unit is based. Now, regarding his allegation that no-one in the royal family wants to be King or Queen, perhaps he should talk to his grandmother, who is a glowing tribute to duty and hardwork and is an example not just to the royal family but to everyone. The reason why I believe that Prince Harry should abandon his royal duties, is because he really hasn’t got a role, he is the fifth-in-line to the throne and perhaps it is time that the so-called royal list was reduced. The prince also said the he was working with his brother (Prince William) on modernising the royal family, yes, but perhaps they should speak to their grandmother or even their father. The royal family doesn’t need modernising. It is an institution which is the envy of the world and if you don’t like it...join the army!