Don't bite the hand that feeds you. This would be my advice to the small number of people who appear to be opposed to tourism. Over recent months there has been a slight backlash against tourism: nothing big but there should be some concern especially as it has been widely reported across Europe.

We are dealing with a few dozen people who complain that tourism is ruining the island. But then there are those who complain that there are too many tourists. This group is more numerous and basically what they say is that "booze tourism" should be outlawed and replaced with fewer but higher spending tourists. Trying to find a balance is not easy but I would remind all those complaining about too many tourists to take a walk around Palma or the resorts in January: they are ghost towns.

Obviously the tourist industry is sensitive ... sensitive to price changes and of course sensitive to the welcome tourists receive. Majorca is lucky it attracts so many tourists; it is lucky to have a vibrant tourist industry which keeps tens of thousands of people in employment and creates the necessary wealth and prosperity for these islands. Without tourism these islands are nothing. Let’s face it, there is no other industry other than tourism.Plenty of competing resorts would love to have a share of Majorca’s tourism pie. So it is best not to complain about tourism. It is only for a few months a year and it makes this place very rich.