If you read certain sections of the Spanish and British media, then I was totally mad to take two small children to Magalluf last week without a police escort! And I must need my head examining to walk up the most dangerous street in Spain - Punta Ballena, the infamous strip.

Well, I do not think I am mad and I did enjoy two fantastic days in the resort which gets a pretty poor publicity deal. Granted I did not stay around until Magalluf gets into full night-time swing but I would urge many of the people who criticise the resort to visit it. What is clearly evident is the millions of euros which have been invested by the Melia Group and the new attractions which have been built. Magalluf, I would say, is in a different league to Playa de Palma, its so-called "German" counterpart on the other side of Palma.

Five years ago if someone had said to me that Magalluf would become a family resort again, I would probably have laughed. But I am not laughing any more. It is a family resort - a family fun resort. I would say that as a result of all the investment Magalluf will have a great future. The changing face of Magalluf; well it has clearly changed and for the better. Yes, there is still work to be done. The so-called prostitution problem continues to be a problem and of course there are incidents of bad behaviour and lawlessness. But overall Magalluf is a family resort again and some of the criticism is rather unfair.