More evidence is starting to emerge that summer 2017 hasn't been as good as many would have you believe. The fact that fewer tourists are coming to the island next month, even though they are spending more on their holiday according to hoteliers, is a sign that all is not well within our principal industry. The season will be ending later and more hotels will be staying open well into October but there are some important questions over summer 2017.

The first big question is spending; some local businesses claim that their takings are down, others say they have never had it so good. It is all a question of mixed messages. And the local authorities should be concerned. If resorts in Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean are having fantastic seasons (which they are), then the time has come for alarm bells to start ringing in the Balearics. British tourists this summer have been hit by the slump in the value of sterling, which some suggest will continue until the Brexit negotiations are complete. British families will be looking for cheaper alternatives and these are to be found in the eastern Mediterranean.

Majorca still offers value for money but there are some who are saying the prices are too high. After years in which the Balearics had to do little or nothing to attract visitors, perhaps the time has come for action. The Balearics needs a clear promotion campaign and to some extent price control. Difficult times ahead...? Maybe so.