Yet more evidence, if it was needed, that summer 2017 is not being the record season the local authorities had been forecasting. The latest offering comes from local retailers who said that their sales had suffered in August. In fact almost 60 per cent said that their takings had actually fallen compared to August 2016.

This is bad news and the decline could be blamed on a number of reasons from more shops and increased competition. But this is not what the local authorities were saying at the start of the season. In fact, 2017 would be a record year. It is evident that while tourists came in big numbers their spending power was lower. The British were hurt by the big fall of the pound against the euro. Other nationalities claimed that they were finding the island too expensive. Just last week it was reported that the island would receive fewer tourists in September.

So overall it is not exactly the best time for the local government to double the tourist tax. From next year tourists will be paying up to four euros a day in tax at a time when all is not well within the tourist industry. Perhaps the Balearic government should rethink their tourist tax bombshell: now is not the time. The Balearic government and the tourist industry should just consolidate and plan for the future. The islands will be facing stiff competition next year from cheaper holiday destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. It is not the time for more taxes.