Spain and Britain have something in common at the moment - both countries have lame duck leaders. Prime ministers Mariano Rajoy and Theresa May should be writing out their resignation speeches and they only appear to remain in the job because there is no one else, which doesn't say much for centre-right politics in Britain or Spain. Rajoy has completely mis-managed the crisis in Catalonia and as a direct result there is a danger that the country could split. His aborted attempt to stop the referendum last weekend not only strengthened the hand of the Catalan nationalists, it also brought the issue on to the world stage. Last week I doubt that many people outside Spain realised that there was a problem in the region which is home to Barcelona football club and now everyone is aware that there is a push for independence all thanks to Sr. Rajoy. The Spanish Prime Minister should step down and allow someone with more inventive ideas to try and resolve the crisis in Catalonia.

Theresa May had yet another week from hell. The Conservative Party conference was a complete disaster with her speech the icing on the cake. Granted it was bad luck that she had a heavy cold and was interrupted by an alleged comedian, but May is the not the person to lead Britain. In fact, I get the impression that members of her own party are just hoping that she will just step down. But no, the lady is not for turning, as Margaret Thatcher once said. However, May is no Thatcher. She is one of the reasons why Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (a pretty average leader with some rather unconventional views) is so popular. May makes Corbyn look good. I suspect that May will step down sooner rather than later and Rajoy could be ousted as prime minister if the socialists and Podemos come together. So, plenty to ponder this weekend for May and Rajoy.