Does the European Union really want Britain to walk away without a deal? At the moment this looks very likely as talks between the two sides appear to have stalled and we are only in the opening stages. No deal would be a nightmare for Britain and could cost thousands of jobs from bankers in the City of London to engineers in the car industry. Is it not time that Britain got serious over Brexit and worked out a common all-party approach? The Labour Party want Britain to stay in the single market for as long as possible and to some extent so do the Conservatives.

Theresa May must realise that she is in a poor bargaining position following her ill-fated election performance. The only man who could just save the day is Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader. He may be an unlikely hero but May needs him to show there is some political union. At the moment the Conservatives are sinking fast: they have a lame duck leader who can’t negotiate with certain sections of her own party let alone the European Union. She has no real choice but to turn to her political opponents and try and draw up a Brexit strategy which can be taken to the European Union, otherwise I fear that Britain could become an economic dinosaur, with no trade deals and little hope of securing them in the near future.

It is time that May showed some leadership. She must make a decision on her own future and the future of Britain. Her government has failed on Brexit so far and has played into the hands of the European Union.