"It’s The Russians Wot Won It!" It appears that the Russians could have had a hand in the victory of the "leave" camp in the European Union referendum. The cunning Putin agents allegedly used Facebook to dupe the British public into voting to leave the European Union. Sounds incredible but Members of Parliament are calling for an investigation. So the Russians are busy spreading fake news and have been accused of meddling in the British general election and the EU referendum. So what will happen if it is proved that the Russians had a helping hand in the victory by the leave camp? Would Britain have another referendum or will Theresa May take to social media and warn the great British public that all you read on Facebook is not necessarily true and be careful - Moscow could be watching if you like a photograph of Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson.

Yes, it sounds outrageous and let us have an investigation which I suspect will go absolutely nowhere but it may act as a warning. It could just save May’s bacon. All the nightmare of holding talks with the EU could end overnight. The prime minister didn’t take any notice of what the Russians were allegedly saying on Facebook because she voted to stay in but it would certainly get her out of a tricky situation. It could be the end of Brexit as we know it; Brexit means Brexit as long as the Russians were not backing it. An outrageous and odd state of affairs.