The British government maintains that the three million European Union citizens living in Britain and the one million Brits living in the EU have nothing to fear from Brexit. I listened the other night to an interview with Brexit secretary David Davis who said that they had reached a deal with the EU on British citizens living in the European Union. I wish he would enlighten everyone with some of the facts of the deal because there are plenty of worried British nationals living across the continent who are pretty concerned. Now Davis could be accused of rather jumping the gun. It appears that an informal agreement has been reached which means that EU nationalists and British citizens in Spain could continue to enjoy the same rights as they do at the moment. But, obviously it still has to be ratified by the European Union. But, what he failed to say is whether new arrivals from the EU to Britain or Britons to the EU would have similar rights. This is the biggest problems. The message is that those who are already here can stay but those who are arriving after Brexit might have problems. All this just adds to the uncertainty and causes even more concern and there are still plenty of negotiations to take place. I would urge the British government to try and reach a deal on citizens rights as soon as possible. Nothing has so far been signed or sealed. Davis may wish that progress is being made but little appears to have been made so far.