I thought that one of the reasons why 18 million people voted to leave the European Union was because they didn't want to be ruled by unelected officials in Brussels. It is a valid point, but the House of Lords also springs to mind; that is another story. But while 18 million voted to leave, a good 17 million voted to stay and therefore their thoughts and views should be taken into account as well. When a group of Conservative MPs voted with the opposition and against the government on a Brexit bill, they were slammed by certain sections of the media for being traitors for voting against the wishes of the British public and their own party. Hello, so what about democracy and what about members of parliament voting for what they believe is correct rather than the party line? What about the 17 million people who didn't vote for Brexit?

I do not believe that we should be in a situation in Britain that if you question Brexit you are given the bully-boy treatment by certain sections of the media. The Conservative rebels have been accused of helping the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn, which is pretty unfair on them. They did what they thought was right and are prepared to live with the consequences. The British government has a duty to secure a Brexit deal for all; not just one which appeals to a few. The European Union referendum was always going to be controversial, but surely the time has come for everyone to work together.