Just last month at the World Travel Market tourism fair in London there was concern over competing destinations in the eastern Mediterranean and north Africa. In fact, it was rumoured that the islands could attract one million fewer tourists. Now, it was the hoteliers who were raising the alarm. They are furious and concerned that the Balearic government has decided to double the rate of the tourist tax for next season. The recovery of competing destinations which had been hit by security worries was causing concern. But it turns out that these fears were rather unfounded. The run-up to Christmas and the post-Christmas period are some of the key booking times and the Balearics are doing well especially with the British market.

So were the hoteliers crying wolf? Well yes, but I can see their point. Also it must be remembered that we are only talking early bookings, there is still a long way to go. I suspect that the increase in the tourist tax will make a difference next season, the local authorities are braced for it. They’re already saying that the islands can’t welcome any more tourists peak season because they are already at full capacity. My hunch is that the Balearics will have a good season next year but it will be nothing like what we have seen over the last few years. The golden years may be coming to an end but we must remember that we live on a fantastic group of islands which are always going to be popular whatever happens.