What is the Spanish government going to do about Catalonia? The latest developments with Catalan members of parliament voting in a pro-independence speaker of parliament do not exactly bode well for a future relationship with Spain and the government in Madrid. Despite the crackdown by Madrid, the independence movement is alive and well in Catalonia and it appears very likely that a pro-independence regional government will be voted in, dealing a big blow to Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy. The clock is ticking for Rajoy and unless he drops his hardline tactics then the Catalonia crisis will continue for years to come. If the regional parliament votes in a pro-independence government, then he will have little or no option but to sit down with them and see if an accord can be reached.

It was the Spanish government which ordered early elections and now it must respect the result even though it may not be to its liking. I think Rajoy has been rather foolish when it comes to Catalonia. Rather than trying to reach an accord he has gone on the attack, which has only made the problem worse and has helped stoke the fires of independence. The Catalan people have spoken; they narrowly elected pro-independence parties which underlines the feeling of the majority. Rajoy can't continue to ignore the independence movement in Catalonia. Spain is changing and dialogue is the key.


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TGN / Hace over 4 years

It’s all nonsense. Catalonia think by breaking from Spain they will be indipendent. However they also want to rejoin the EU, thus loosing much more independence than they have already, it’s madness. The EU does not support independen outward looking countries, Catalonia will have to behave, just like all of us.