One of the biggest problems Majorca has when it comes to a 12-month holiday season is the weather. Let's face it there is more to Majorca than the sun and the beach but everything is always better if the sun is shining. The majority of tourists who come to the island want sunshine. If they can't be assured of the sun they will go elsewhere. It is as simple as that. Majorca can assure many things but obviously sunshine is not one of them during the winter. Last winter was rather bleak on the island and only now are we seeing the tourist industry starting to move into top gear.

So to be perfectly honest, I do believe that Majorca can be a 12-month holiday destination but winter tourism, on a large scale, is always going to be a dream. I can't really see the resorts staying open throughout the low season. I know that 15 years ago this was the case but times have changed and so has the travel industry. What Majorca can probably hope for is a nine-month season in the resorts and then a small winter programme concentrated around Palma and a handful of resorts. This is achievable and is the way forward. The Balearic government have done a lot to promote the island as a winter destination and they deserve praise, but the tour firms are still shyong away from promoting winter sun holidays. They know the market and they know their customers. Perhaps the island also does need time to rest after the long season. Winter tourism can happen but on a small scale.